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Dear Stranger,


Everyone feels lost at times. Being able to watch few of my  close friends& family  battle through ups and downs in life  made me realize, that in stressful times, while competing against each other or while chasing success, our heart notices, acknowledges and even magnifies the smallest act of kindness.  In an dog eat dog world,  we forget to feed our very basic need of empathy and kindness. We underestimate the power of touch, kind words and knowing that someone else in this world believes in what we do.

With that in mind, I started  #smallactbigsmiles project to devote my time , creativity and energy at every opportunity to bring smiles in strangers life.


There is an unlimited amount of ways to spread positivity in world. Surprise notes, compliments to strangers, hug for needy as well as sharing positivity through my own music and performances. My goal is to spread positive messages to as many strangers as possible , in as many ways possible.


Want to be a part of this project or simply support this idea? Write to me, follow me, Join  me on anyone platforms below, support me and lets create big smiles on strangers faces!

Or simply start your own small acts.


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